Cabling Services

Telephone Cabling Solutions

Are you struggling to hear people when they call you ?
Are you dropping lan line calls ?
A lot of static in phone line ?
Wall jacks Not working ? 

IF you answered yes to any of these questions allow our techs to come to your home to fix your phone lines so they are crystal clear.

Services we provide..... 
Phone Line
Wall Jacks 


Internet Cabling Solution

Do you have DSL or Satellite or Cable  ? 
Is your internet Slow ?
Do you have bad wireless signal in your home ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions... Allow our techs to observe your network to provide a cost effective solution that gets your issue resolved. 
Why waste time fighting with it when we can resolve the issue in a very quick and cost effective way. 

Services we provide... 

Internet Cabling 
Wall jacks 
Support between you and your internet service provider. 

Please Call us today before spending money on equipment that wont solve your problem. 
Our solutions can be designed to meet your budget.