Multi Site IT

Are you struggling to manage your network with more than one locations ? 

Allow our IT Deployment team work with you to design a network plan that is cost effective. While designing your plan of action we are also looking at possible issues or cabling needs that need addressed prior to deploying.  For $350.00 we can design your network going forward. 

The $350  includes these things below. 

  1. Issues with cabling and Network Rack Hardware per site. 
  2. Documentation for recommendation for new design. 
    1. Labeling Scheme for Cabling 
    2. Labeling for Patch Panel 
    3. Color scheme for Patch Cables 
  3. Which hardware needs to be changed. 
    1. Design of network Rack. 
      1. How everything goes in rack. 
  4. Cost for Warren Pc to make changes. 

If you chose to hire Warren Technology Group to do work fee is waived.