Network Design


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Warren Technology Group , Network Design staff can work with your current building plan to help design a wired or wireless solution to meet your needs. Our team specializes in Ubiquiti  products as well using quality cable.

Flexible and Scalable

Our plans are flexible so as your grow the plan can grow with you. As well be easy to upgrade with lower cost.


User friendly

We developed a network plan that makes sense and allows you to understand it so you can work with it.


Rapid Support

Our Network staff are quick to get on the problem to find a solution that keeps you running with little to no down time.


This is our four step process to helping you understand the process for improvement or upgrades.



    Site Survey / Identify Major issues

    While doing a site survey we are identifying issues with network. This could include hardware or cabling or devices on network. Learning what your business does with its technology.

    Design / It Plan

    Start a design for improving your network infrastructure. Identify strong points and week areas of the network. Design the major goals you have for improving your network. By designing a step by step process it allows us make sure we don't miss anything.

    Integration / Cost

    Start to look at the design and current network to see how integration will work to lesson down time on the network. Look at current cable to see if it can be re used or if we need new cable runs. Also look at all hardware to make sure integration can handle it.

    Deployment / Installation

    Look at time frame to install upgrades or replace older technology. Take Deployment plan to make changes to network. While we are doing this we are also looking to make sure your correct any last min changes.