Computer Repair - MAC

Mac Repair

Software only Repair rate is $20 / hr 

Reload Mac OS - $80 

Data backup Services $80  
Non Loadable Mac OS Data Recovery $30 / HR  

Services we Offer:


Data backup 

Screen damage  

Application issues 

Internet Issues 

Battery and power 

Computer Repair Section 

    Thank you for visiting our mac repair section. Our Lead Technician has over 14 years experience in residential pc repair and Data Recovery. Brian has been specializing in home based pc's. Computer repair is part of this business and we strife to provide professional services. 

Starting Dec 1st 2016 we are adding more services for Mac Repair and other mac related products. Currently our lead technician has be working on mac computers for 4  years doing operating system installs and email or system troubleshooting on basic level. Now we are doing full repair in replacing hardware and upgrades with more in depth troubleshooting.

Diagnostic is $25 . If we do the repair this fee is waived.
(If machine needs to be opened up ... Diagnostic is $80 ) 


Customer Reviews 

Offered incredible customer service! Continually updated me on the status of my Mac repair and recovery of my data. They were able to recover most of my data, including irreplaceable photos and videos of my kids. Extremely helpful, always answering my questions. I would definitely recommend, and already have, their services! ... Amanda Wellner

Fantastic service! Brian was able to repair issues with my Macbook and I'm all the way in Tampa! He was super flexible with my crazy schedule. Next time I have any issues I'm calling these guys! Thanks again Brian! ... Megan Rochelle

Had an awesome experience with Brian and Warren PC Repair! Quick, efficient, and a job well done!! Highly recommended! I have a MacBook - which is very hard to find repair in Warren ~ well he offers it and offers it well!! Thanks Brian! ... Molly Dies

Hardware issues
Hardware Related services requiring disassembly of hardware  $65 / hr 
100% Satification of Service 
Here in our Mac repair  department we stand behind our services to guarentee quality work and provide the upmost trust to our clients to ensure longer uptime that is hassle free. 

Disclaimer : Warren Technology Group  is not a Certified Mac Repair Location. We are private repair location for mac computers. If you are out of warranty we are more than glad to help you. If you are under warranty we will recommend you to apple store for all hardware repairs.