Computer Repair


$ 65.00

Per Machine 
  • Simple Diagnostic  - test Memory / Motherboard / Cpu   - Hard Drive is additional  $20 
  • Removal of Temporary Files 
  • Simple Virus Removal 
  • Recommendations for Upgrade or Repair 

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$ 80.00

Per machine
  • Advanced  Diagnostic  - Test Everything 
  • Fresh Install - windows updates 
  • Do not save Customer data  - Customer data transfer is $35 additional.  
  • Recommendations for Upgrade or Repair 
Customer Reviews 

Just returned from a quick trip over to see Brian in Warren. Good deal, had the new keyboard ready to put in when I walked in the door. Just a few minutes and it was done, plus a couple years worth of cookie crumbs and coffee stains cleaned off the machine. No surprises on the price and I had a pleasant visit with Brian. I'll be back when something else needs done.

Ken Hartley

Wonderful service from Brian and Joe. My computer was in need of a cleaning/upgrade and they did an awesome job. After I got it back and had problems hooking up the router and they took more time to help me over the phone and remotely. Highly recommend them. I know I will be going back anytime I have computer issues. Thank you Brian and Joe!!!

Patty Finch

Warren PC Repair has great prices, and a very knowledgeable staff. I would go to Brian again for my laptop health as well as any iPhone repairs.


Fantastic service! Brian was able to repair issues with my Macbook and I'm all the way in Tampa! He was super flexible with my crazy schedule. Next time I have any issues I'm calling these guys! Thanks again Brian!


I am very impressed with this man. First the price was very good indeed. Second his communication with me was outstanding. Made this transaction very, very easy for me. My computer is now in tip top shape thanks to Brian. I will definitely take my business back to Warren Computer Repair. I highly recommend this business.

Richard Young